Altogether Wonderful

I'm a big picture person.

But I'm also extremely detail oriented. 

I'm not sure how I'm both, but I am. I'm probably not always a big picture person AND a details person, but there are times when I am definitely one or the other. 

I think I'm more often a details person, though. I mind tends to get bogged down in the details of life. I get overwhelmed by what has to be done; the errands, the groceries, the cleaning, the phone calls, the little things that make up this life. 

I've been thinking lately though, and I'm comforted by the fact that God is both a big picture God, and a details God.

He's always both. He's equally both. He's fully both. 

What a joy it is to know that when I'm worried about the details of my day, God is working in those details for the big picture of His glory. 

What a relief it is to know that when I'm dreaming of the big picture that could be my life, God is working in the details for my good, and for His name to be known. 

It's remarkable. 

His sovereignty is breathtaking. His goodness is comforting. His kindness is overwhelming.

For a long time, my favorite New Testament verse has been Romans 8:28. 

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
— Romans 8:28 (ESV)

My blood pressure literally drops when I read that verse; when I meditate on how much big and great God is, and and how little and frail I am. 

These past few weeks have been nonstop. We've had event after event, and it's been wonderful. It's been wonderful, but it's left little time for cleaning, household chores, and those monotonous things that help us keep moving forward. It starts to stress me out to think about, honestly.

All the while, we've been working on our home study, and the more we do, adoption becomes so much more real. Judah becomes more real. It's awesome and terrifying at the same time. Awesome because we can't wait to meet him, and terrifying because we have no idea what the next few years hold as we walk through this process.

When I think about how God is both big picture and detail oriented, I'm completely comforted. What are the chances that I would be able to plan out this whole adoption thing perfectly and end up with the same son that God has chosen for me? The chances are literally like 1:1,000,000,000. But God knows. He will orchestrate our journey perfectly. It won't necessarily be a journey void of pain and difficulty, but it will be perfect. Eventually, we'll be united with the greatest gift of all, aside from salvation - our son. The details are just part of the journey, part of the big picture that is Judah's story. 

Jason and I have been truly overwhelmed at how encouraging and supportive our friends and families have been in response to our adoption announcement. We are eternally grateful for your prayers and love. 

Today, I am thankful for the friends that the Lord has brought into our life in His perfect way. He's knitted together this family of faith for us that I can't imagine living without. I know that there is a great purpose for each and every person in our lives, and I can't wait to see what He does through us all!

Posted on February 18, 2014 .