Waiting List Update: June 2015

With every passing month, these updates get more and more fun to write.

We are now #17 on the waiting list.

How stinkin' amazing is that?! Yesterday when we found out, I got a text from Jason saying, "Pack your bags, we're going to Africa (soon)!!" We are just through the roof excited at how quickly this list is moving. It won't be long now before we get that the call, meet our boy, and bring home our son. Ah! I'm almost in tears just typing that.

Yesterday, June 1st, marked 18 months since we began the process. We submitted our application to Lifeline on December 1, 2013. Even though we didn't start our home study until after Christmas, we still count from December 1st because it's really easy to remember and it really is the starting point. In adoption you kind of have to pick dates and stick to them...otherwise you'll end up celebrating milestones once a month (or more) :)

When we began the process, we were quoted 2-3 years, but then it changed while we were completing our home study to 3-5  years. I think in our minds we've been thinking three years all along since that's the common number in both estimates. But again, with adoption estimates and quotes are just that, they're not exact and they could change at any minute.  

As we continue to move on the waiting list, our prayers become more and more urgent, so I've added a little explanation to each of our prayer needs.

Waiting children in Ethiopia and their future families: We pray for Judah, but we also pray without ceasing for the other sweet children who are in need of families. We are so blessed to be called to adopt, and we are thankful that there will be one less orphan, but the orphan crisis is real and intense, and there are hundreds of thousands of children across the world who need families. We ask you to join with us in praying for them, and also for God to raise up loving families for them.

Families traveling for court: We found out yesterday with our update that several families are preparing to travel to Ethiopia for part one of a two-part trip. They'll be meeting their child for the first time and going to court. Please pray for these families as this process is filled with such extreme emotions as they meet their child, they legally become theirs, and then they come home for several months and wait on a call that they can bring their child home. This is the part that we are dreading the most, and we know that these families are no different. 

Peace for our family as we wait: The wait is hard. Really hard. But Jason and I are really trying to enjoy each month that goes by as a family of two. We cannot wait to become a family of three, but we know that God has us in this waiting period for a reason and He's diligently preparing us for what is ahead. We are truly trying to enjoy it without wishing the time away - which is really hard! It's also difficult because we are so anxious to see Judah, meet him, hold him, and bring him home! Please pray for peace, joy, and patience as we are still waiting.

Continued swift movement: We've been astounded at how quickly we have moved on the waiting list, and we ask for prayers that we continue to move quickly through this process.

Comfort for Judah: Since we're #17, there's a very real chance that Judah is born, or about to be born. With every adoption becomes so much joy, but also a very real sorrow (great article on that here). We know that something bad has to happen in our sweet boy's life that will cause him to become and orphan. As his future mama, that just kills me. Parents are supposed to protect their children, but I can't do anything about the sorrow in his life that will lead to the joy in adopting him Wow, that's heavy. Please be praying for our little one and his little life. May the Father of the fatherless be with him in every passing moment of every day.

Caseworkers at Dove & Lifeline: Y'all, our caseworkers are the best. They just really make us feel like they're walking through this with us hand-in-hand. This month our caseworker emailed me with our updated number and just asked how she could be praying for us. I emailed back this long thing (I'm long-winded, I can't help it) and she's was just so encouraging in her response. Please be praying for the hands that are connecting the dots to make this happen for the Moraleses Three.

We love each of you and are so thankful for the beautiful gift of friendship and community that God has given us. We look forward to introducing you to our little blessing (soon)!