Adoption Update: January 2016

New Year, New List, New Number

Happy New Year! We probably shouldn't say this, but we;re not too sad to see 2015 behind us! It was a good year for the most part, but God really stretched us as He worked in our hearts through new mercies that were completely unforeseen to us. We look forward to 2016, hoping and praying that maybe this is the year. We doubt we'll be able to travel to Ethiopia twice and bring home Judah in the next 361 days, but we are hopeful that we will have a referral by 2017. Of course, that's definitely a hope, and as we have learned over the past few years, nothing is guaranteed or set in stone in the world of adoption.

We do have a bit of exciting news though - we just received our number for the new (West Sands) waiting list! We are #81. 

In all honesty, tears filled my (Jessica) eyes when I saw this number. Although we know that moving to this new waiting list at another agency is God's plan for our adoption journey, it still felt like a bit of a kick in the gut to move from #12 to #81, however, we know that God is not bound by a waiting list, and we take comfort in His plan and His timing for our Judah.

Please take a few moments to look at our prayer requests for this month. We so appreciate and covet your prayers each and every day as we wait.

Thank you so much for the love and support you shower upon us. It is so underserved and we are thankful for each person who receives this email update. Thank you for loving us well and praying for us through our adoption journey. We look forward to introducing you to our little blessing someday!