Brighten Storie: One Month Update

I mean, what is cuter than a "FREE HUGS" onesie on a baby? Nothing. I assure you nothing. I cannot believe Brighten is ONE MONTH OLD! We spent the first half of the month in Texas and traveling back home, and the second half getting settled in at home. 

Brighten is so so sweet. She's beautiful and sweet and we are just totally in love!

On the adoption front, not too much has changed. ICPC was approved on October 3rd so now our attorney does a bunch of stuff and we wait for our court date. 

That's basically our first month in a nutshell...Brighten being sweet and cute and traveling back from Texas! I know, our life sounds SO exciting right now :) Actually, it is, because we have this precious new little life and we couldn't be more thrilled! 

Posted on October 22, 2016 .