June Adoption Update

Ready. Set. Reset.

It's been a while since we've sent an email. Partly this has been because we haven't had an update and partly because we've been praying that things would change and we'd have an update to give. Well, I'm happy to say that day has come, but we certainly couldn't have guessed that this is what God has in store for us. We are using this email as a kind of reset for us all - for you and for us. 

Updates from Ethiopia

We are currently #77 on the waiting list, still. We have moved four places since we got on the West Sands waiting list in January. There have been no referrals this year and the spots that we've moved have been due to waiting children referrals (which is by no means a bad thing).

To be candid, we are sad and fatigued. We are sad that last fall we thought we were so close. We are sad that there are so many children who need families around the world, but yet we've been waiting for 2.5 years. We are sad that things are taking longer than we thought. We are fatigued with waiting. There have been a lot of things going on in Ethiopia this year with a terrible drought, MOWA closing for a time and training new workers, and our agency renewing their license. While we really, truly try to be super understanding about these things, there is no way around the fact that it is just hard.

As we've been waiting and praying for Judah over these last few months, we've felt God calling us to just trust Him and His timing. We've said that probably 15,930 times since we began this process, yet somehow it seems like something more now.

Which leads us to...

Two is Better than One. Four is Better than Three.

In our praying, in our thinking, in our talking, in all of it, we've decided to begin a concurrent, private, domestic adoption. We are excited about this - Morales Baby #2!! We've reached out to our international agency and let them know and made sure there are no conflicting rules, and thankfully there are not - we can certainly do both! We don't know very many details, and some details we will be holding a little close to the chest, but we definitely want to keep this amazing support community that you all are in the loop.

We currently have an open file with a private adoption attorney in Northwest Florida. We have not specified a gender preference, so Judah may have a brother or a sister. We don't have a timeline, as everything depends on the specific situation and birth mother, which is unfortunate that we don't have a time frame to go off of, but we understand and are thankful that they are so honest about the ambiguity of a time frame.

The one thing we would really like to note is that this new adoption does not change anything with Judah. We are still waiting on Judah from Ethiopia and we anxiously await a referral. At the same time, we have had to face the reality of where we are on the waiting list and what the timeline does look like for Ethiopia adoptions right now. We have wrestled with what this means for our family and the dynamics of what we thought would be and we will say that to us, Judah will always be our first child. We came into parenthood, at least the beginning stages of it, when we began the adoption process 2.5 years ago in our Journey to Judah, and there's honestly a chance that Judah could be our oldest child :) We made the decision when we began this process that we would stick with Ethiopia and pursue Judah as long as the country was open for adoption, and we have had to cling to this many of the last 918 days. So, all of this is to say that we are ecstatic to bring Judah into our home as well as a baby brother or sister for him.

We would covet your prayers as we wait for TWO Baby Moraleses!

Moving Forward

As we continue to wait, we will send updates as we receive them. Since movement has been slow in Ethiopia and we don't get updates from Florida, we don't want to commit to a monthly email like we've done in the past. When we have news and we are able to share, you can count on us to let everyone know!

We cannot express how much we appreciate this wonderful community that we have. While some of you we see regularly and some less frequently, please know that you are such a huge part of the story of our family being built through adoption.

P.S. In addition to your thoughts and prayers, we would certainly appreciate your support as we adopt two children. If you would like to give to our adoption journeys, please click here.