Third Time's a Charm

This is the third post I've started writing this morning. Both of the other ones took a weird turn. I have so many things to say, but I just don't know how. For the first time (possibly in my entire life), I'm at a complete loss for words. 

So, here's where I'll start and end: Thank you. 

Thank you for the outpouring of generosity that has been bestowed upon Jason, Brighten, and me over the last two weeks. 

Thank you for your prayers, emails, Facebook messages, clothes, money, baby items, gifts, texts, calls, and so much more. We are immensely blessed to receive such amazing love from you all. 

Thank you for following out adoption journey for the last three years, and thank you for continuing to follow along as we adopt Baby Brighten and continue to pursue Judah in Ethiopia. 

Thank you for holding us up when we felt like we couldn't stand up straight. This has not been easy, by any stretch of the imagination, and we know the God has given us people in our lives to be pillars of strength and encouragement when we felt weak and frail. 

Thank you filling our home with lots and lots of pink, diapers, wipes, and offering anything and everything you have to us. 

Thank you for loving our little family well. 

Thank you for supporting us and asking questions and allowing us to share our story. 

Thank you for getting excited for us and with us and also mourning with us and sharing in our sorrow.

Thank you for your diligent prayers and for interceding on our behalf.

Thank you for teaching us how to love without bounds, with compassion, and with kindness. 

Posted on September 16, 2016 .