Dear Brighten, Always & Forever

Dear Brighten, on the night before we finalize your adoption:

I'll admit, I tried to write you a letter then night before you were born. But I just couldn't. There were so many nerves and unknown expectations, I just couldn't fathom putting into words all the ways I was feeling. But now, you've been alive for 137 days, and I've known you just as long. Now, I can begin to put into words how incredible you are, how blessed I am, and how the fact that I get to be your mommy forever brings me nothing but pure joy. 

Miss Brighten, or Miss B as we like to call you, you are radiant. Your smile is infectious and the little wrinkle in your nose makes my heart skip a beat. You are truly the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Your eyes have flickers of green on the inside and are encompassed by a blue, almost turquoise ring. Your hair, or actually your peach fuzz, swoops perfectly to the left under your headbands. You are breathtaking. And I'm so obsessed with you. 

One of my most favorite things is to dream of you at each stage of your life. God is going to do incredible things with your life, He already has! Your story is unique, and beautiful and has already begun to bless both friends and strangers alike. Someday, Daddy and I will tell you your story, and I hope with everything that I have that it's a story you grow to love. It's a story of brokenness, but also redemption and love. 

Sometimes I wince at the thought of living life without you. For a short second I think about the what ifs - what if we didn't read the email, what if we didn't respond, what if we hadn't pursued domestic adoption, what if it'd all been different and I didn't know you? 

I'm so thankful to live in a world where God saw fit to make me your mommy. I don't have to think about life without you. And tomorrow, tomorrow is an exciting chapter in your story. Tomorrow, what will be done cannot be undone. Tomorrow, we will stand before a Judge and it will become final and official. What we've known from the moment we heard about you will become a true and unchangeable reality - you are my daughter, forever and always.   

I love you, Brighten Storie Morales. God loves you, my sweet girl. I hope you always know the deep love of Daddy and me, and also of your Heavenly Father, who loves you more than any of us can comprehend. I cannot wait to tell you about tomorrow. 

Love always,

Posted on February 6, 2017 .