It is Final!

What a special day February 7th is to our little family. We were in celebration mode all day long. We went to lunch, got dressed up, and got to go visit the big courthouse where the Judge told us that Brighten is forever ours and we have all rights just as if she'd been born to us. 

2017-02-07 14.48.19.jpg

Those last few words hit me like a ton a bricks. Obviously, we cannot simplify adoption down to that statement, because the truth is, she has a history that precedes the moment we met her, signed papers, and finalization. But, in that moment I was able to put aside all of the history and all of the future conversations and bask in the beauty of my daughter. 

Our adoption journey has taken many twists and turns, and we still await the day that we get to meet our Judah-man, but it's incredible to have Brighten and know that it's all done. The paperwork, the waiting, the everything is done, she is ours, fully and completely. 

Posted on February 9, 2017 .