Life Lately :: The Most Busy-iest Time of the Year

Well, my last post was way too long ago. So long good intentions. Since the last time I posted anything on the blog, we have begun a new adoption process, bought a new house, moved, begun renting out our old house, celebrated Thanksgiving in Florida, vacationed in New York City, and now we are counting down the days until Christmas! It's been a lot. Throw our feisty 15 month old in the mix and it's been downright chaos. But now I've got a few minutes to actually sit down and collect a few thoughts, so here it goes...

It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

You guys are in for a HUGE treat. I love having guest authors for mrsblogbacktome and this is no exception. My amazing friend, Melanie Adkison and I have known each other since right after she and her sweet family moved to Birmingham in 2012 to plant a church (which is now the church we're a part of). Melanie is wife to Andy, and mom to Jude (9) and Drew (8). The first time I met her was at her house and she made dinner for a group of people. Melanie has a gift of bringing people into her home and immediately making them feel like family. She is the best listener, but is also incredibly encouraging. I just love hanging out with her, talk to her, and learn from her. Melanie is a fifth grade teacher, and when I asked her to write something about going back to school, I could have never imagined she'd bestow so much wisdom in just a one post. I told you, she's amazing, so without further adieu, here's Melanie... 

Posted on August 8, 2017 .


For about six months I used to wake up promptly at 5:00 a.m., before the day began, before dawn. It's been almost five years since I was that newlywed living in a little, old apartment on a familiar side of town. I'd get up early, drag myself a quarter-mile down the hill to the paved neighborhood trail, and I'd walk. I'd also listen to sermons. And I'd pray.