The Great Hair Debacle of 2013

This is going to be a post that I really need people to BLOGBACKTOME!!!

So it's really hot outside. My hair is really dark, really thick, and these days, really long.

If (big if) I wash it in the morning, it usually ends up looking scraggly.

It's too hot to use a hair dryer for 30 minutes, and really, who has 30 minutes to blow dry their hair in the morning and then either run a straightener through it or curl it?

Not me.

I have been putting it in sort of not-on-purpose loose braid when my hair goes unwashed. I LOVE that my hair is long enough to do that.

So here's my conflict (and I really do need advice):

Cut my hair to about an inch below my shoulder, or leave it long?

If I cut it, here are a few pictures (of celebs...duh) that I think have potential -

Number 1:
I like this because I might would actually take time to put some loose curls in it.
She doesn't really have a bang (I have an irrational fear of bangs) and it's not too short.

Number 2:
This one is a little bit too short. I would want it about 1-2 inches longer.
BUT my hair kind of does it's own wave-ish thing naturally.
Low maintenance?

Number 3:
She's just beautiful. I dream of having her hair.
Unfortunately, my part is like an inch over (toward the middle of my head),
so her haircuts never end up looking the same on me.

OR should I just leave it long and get some more layers put in is so that I might be able to style it better?
So my hair doesn't actually do this whole "beautiful, tousled, just left the beach" thing.
But the layers?
They're kind of nice.

Leave your opinion in the comments below.
Or just text me.

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Posted on June 19, 2013 and filed under "hairstyles".