My Day of Cheats

June 1st marked the first day of my journey to living well physically. I started exercising regularly and I starting eat better...much better. Although I decided to cut out all processed sugar and stick to a "clean eating" diet as much as I could, I decided I'd give myself a few milestone celebrations for myself to keep me helps to be working toward something.

The first milestone came in June. Jason was a groomsmen in a wedding and I knew I'd want wedding cake. So, I made the decision that I'd eat wedding cake as long as I'd stayed on my eating plan before that day came.

The next milestone I set was for Jason's birthday. I made a decision that I would work hard from June 9th to July 23rd and then celebrate with a big night out with my guy for his birthday. And that's exactly what we did!

Take a look at our delicious cheesecake!!!

This day made me realize how poorly I ate before I began this journey. Every birthday, every celebration, every get together, it all revolved around food! No wonder I gained weight. I constantly would tell myself that I'd be "good" and then get caught up in the moment and eat twice the amount of calories I should in a day...and that happened a few times a week. I had no boundaries.

I took a screenshot of what a typical day's eating pattern looks like for me:

And then here's Jason's birthday:

Again, it's no surprise that I was gaining weight. It really wasn't anything for me to eat dessert on a regular basis before June 1st. Or eat a burger and fries. I told myself that I was healthy because on the days that I faced zero temptation, I was a healthy eater. But as life gets busier and crazier, temptations seem to be lurking around every corner.

So boundaries were set, and I praise God for the discipline to withstand temptation all of this time.

Now, it's back to healthy eat...until the next milestone.

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Posted on July 26, 2013 and filed under "birthday", "live well physically".