Our Crestwood Cottage: A King's Headboard

Ever since I began reading Young House Love, I decided that I wanted to be more like them. Obviously I don't have nearly the talents or skills, but I figured I'd take it one project at a time. My first real DIY home project that I decided to do was a king size headboard. My plan was to follow their directions for upholstering a headboard exactly, to ensure there would be no errors.

Well, when I showed up at the art store, I was informed that the size frame I needed would either cost me about $90, or it did not exist. I opted out of that, and chose make a stop at Home Depot (which is less than a mile from our house...DANGEROUS) and buy some plywood.

My mom was really helpful in this. She's a pro I tell ya. We ended up buying an $8.00, 4'x8' piece of plywood and having them (Home Depot dudes) saw off the 2' or so that we didn't need. The plywood was about 1" thick, which is really all you need for this. We also bought 2 1"x3" boards that we had cut into 3, 4' pieces. These would serve as the legs for our headboard. We bought a pack of 1 1/4" wood screws to attach the legs to the plywood.

Previously, I'd picked out a fabric from a website that has great quality fabric for a very affordable price. I bought 3 yards, which was probably a little to much, but King beds are huge, so I wanted to be safe. I had also previously bought 3 yards of batting at Joann's Fabrics.

TIP: If you download their iPhone app, there's one coupon a week for 50% a regular priced item.

Just FYI...
Our materials, post sawing.
After our Home Depot shopping trip and after steaming my fabric, we were ready to go.

Probably the most unflattering way I could have done this. But honestly, I didn't know Jason was taking pictures.
Also, right after this, we realized that our backyard is really shady, so we moved back there. Then Mom and I got chiggers. Any tips on how to get those nasty things out of our yard?!?

My hardworking DIY team.

Some intense drilling.

I probably would do a few things differently if we were to do this again. But the process was not bad at all. In fact, my mom and I joked decided that we'd start making these and selling them out of our backyard. So...if you're in the market for a custom headboard...hit us up!

Here's the final product:

And I must say...it's quite comfortable to lean up against!

That's all for today! Seattle is calling our names...so check back with my review of our first trip to Seattle!

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Posted on September 18, 2013 and filed under "DIY", "new home".