Pray for Silas

99% of the time I will never ask my readers to share a post. But that's not the case today. Today, I'm going to ask everyone to share this...whether it be tweeting it, Facebooking it, telling someone about it, emailing it, or whatever, share this post...or at least share the story, and share the need for prayer.

On August 29th, 4-month-old Silas Huffman was taken to his pediatrician by his mom because he was having some trouble breathing. The course of events that happened after led doctors to call for a helicopter to life flight Baby Silas to the children's hospital in Atlanta.

Silas's dad, Chris, is one of our very close friends. Jason has known Chris for most of his life, and they've traveled the country together multiple times - Chris plays bass for Casting Crowns, and as many of you know, Jason used to tour with them as one of their "merch guys" and also doing tech stuff. 

On August 29th, Casting Crowns was playing in Tuscaloosa and Jason and I had driven over to see the show. We soon heard the news that Silas had been life flighted to the hospital and Chris had rented a car and was on his way to meet his family at the hospital.  

The Huffmans soon found out that Baby Silas's heart was enlarged - he needs a heart transplant. Silas has been on the transplant list since September 11th. 


Silas is undergoing a procedure to receive a Berlin heart today. A Berlin heart is essentially an artificial heart that will be on the exterior and will hopefully buy some time for Silas until he can receive a new heart.

Today I am asking, in fact I'm begging, each of you to pray for Silas.

His family has been calling him Super Silas, because he has so much strength for a 5-month-old baby. You can tell from pictures of him that he is just so precious and he captivates every person that meets him. They've been using the hashtag #prayforsilas, so make sure you send that message out today.

As you can imagine, this is a huge emotional struggle for the Huffman family. Their faith is being tested and stretched more than ever before. You can see this at the end of the video that I've attached, but Chris said recently that this is the biggest test of his faith he's ever experienced, but he knows that God is in control, and if anyone understands losing a son, it's Him.  

I am confident that God is working through the Huffman family, especially through this trial.  

I realize that it's a hard prayer to ask for heart for Silas - for him to receive a heart will mean that another family has lost their own baby. Jason and I are praying for healing.

We know that our God is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the most powerful, the most high, the great deliverer. He is our beginning and our end, our alpha and omega. He is our Great physician, He is Johovah Rapha, He is the Lord our healer. He CAN do the miraculous, the wonderous things that we could never even fathom.

May we cry out to Him for healing and intercede on behalf of this sweet baby.   

Pray for Super Silas today.  

Jason wearing his Super Silas shirt to work today. 

Jason wearing his Super Silas shirt to work today. 

I don't have a Super Silas shirt, but I made a reminder to pray for Silas every time I look down at my hand today.

I don't have a Super Silas shirt, but I made a reminder to pray for Silas every time I look down at my hand today.

Below is the link to the video that I mentioned before. Super Silas made Atlanta's Fox 5 last night, so make sure you watch it. There are two videos and they're both worth your time.  

Now, it's time for you to share. Click the share button below and use the hashtag #prayforsilas. 

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Posted on October 10, 2013 .