Welcome to the all new {mrs}blogbacktome!  

Let me be the first (and probably only) one to welcome you to my third blog. Yes, you read that right, my third blog.

I've gotten a little bit indecisive over the last year. I blame the amount of full-on, full-out commitment that I've made in my life, like making a commitment to marry my husband (which was the best commitment I've ever made, by the way). And also, living in a house and taking on payments for...oh...you know, the next 30 years (which, by the way, is more years than I've been alive). Oh yeah, and there's that job that I have to show up at and actually DO work at everyday (the whole getting there in the morning thing is much easier said than done).

People, adulthood comes with a lot of commitment. So I've taken on the right to be indecisive about my blog for the past year or so. But that all ends today.

Today is the day that I begin my real, big-girl blog. I have an actual domain name - that I OWN - and a real life website that holds my blog, my recipes, and all the other random junk that's in here (it's not really junk, I actually worked really hard on it, so please read it).

If you're coming over from the original mrsblogbacktome or Heavy & Lite, there are a few things you should know.

First, all of the old blog posts are accessible from this blog. If you go to the tab that says, "Older Blogs",  that is where all of the posts from my two previous blogs can be found. So if you ever want to reference something, they're right there.

Second, if you want to take a stroll down memory lane and go back to one of the old blogs, you can. I'm keeping them active. Why? Oh I don't know...because I don't lose or gain anything from keeping them active, and I also can't let go of anything. So if you want to go see what's there, go to the original mrsblogbacktome by clicking here and Heavy & Lite by clicking here.

Now, if you're a first timer to one of my blogs, there are probably tons of things I should tell you. But I'll keep it to maximum a three.

First, I ramble, a lot. In fact, the original mrsblogbacktome used to be named Ramble before I was a Mrs. So that should tell you something. I do aim to keep most of my posts to a maximum of 500 words, but even that is still a lot for a blog. Sometimes I'll split them into parts to make them a little easier to take in, but just know that I am aware, along with all the other past readers, that I ramble. It's just part of who I am. So I sincerely apologize now.

Second, I'm constantly on a journey. A journey to where? Well, I don't think any of us are sure, but I'll let you know when I get there. Actually, I'm on a journey to find a way to balance living well physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I've been in about a 15 year battle with my weight. Since you already know I'm younger than 30, if you do the math you'll see that it's been a struggle since I was a pre-teen. I'm constantly searching for ways to eat healthier and exercise more and harder, so that's the physical side. I'm a newlywed, so...that's pretty emotional. Just kidding. But seriously, I do try to share some of the "AH HA!" moments I have about marriage, and I also try to share some of the struggles (or at least the ones that are not dishonoring to my husband) that I am encountering along the way. Mentally, I'm striving to just keep learning. I wish I could go back and tell 16-year-old Jessica how incredible the ability to learn, read, and discover truly is. But alas, I'm a few years late to the party and I'm just now realizing how awesome it is. Over the past 18 months, I've rediscovered my love of reading, and so from time-to-time I'll share some thoughts about that. And last, but least of all, the spiritual side. I'm not where near accomplishing "wellness" in this area, but God is sanctifying me each day. I grew up in church and with parents who were Christians, but I didn't really get it for myself until June 9, 2009...just after my 20th birthday and the hardest season of my life I've ever walked through. I'm a sinner, and I'm constantly battling the worldy desires of my flesh, but I'm desperately grateful for God's love, kindness, mercy, and grace that He pours upon me each day.

Third, I'm so incredibly thankful for YOU. I'm thankful for each and every person who takes time to read my blog. I feel like there's a certain web-bond that allows us to encourage one another and just kind of get things out in the open - things that are maybe a little awkward to talk about in person (but who am I kidding, I'm a little awkward no matter what, so, there's that). The name "blogbacktome" actually started with my husband. He started (and ended) his blog when he was on the road, traveling with a band in 2008. He always ended his blog post with, "I've blogged to you, now you can blogbacktome." Even though his blog didn't last past that phase of his life, the name did. It's clever, so when we got married, I stole it...along with his real name...and his initials. The reason I liked it so much is because it communicated what would have taken me a whole paragraph to communicate (note point one...I ramble). And that point was communicated quickly, effectively, and cleverly (I'm thinking cleverly isn't a word, but that sentence doesn't work as well if I end it with "in a clever way" so I'm leaving it). So that's exactly what I want you to do...I want YOU to BLOG BACK TO ME. Let me hear from you. Let's encourage one another, swap stories, and enjoy this life we've so graciously been given in community with one another!

Again, to all of you, thank you for taking the time to come read my blog. Come back tomorrow because I'll be doing an anniversary/Seattle trip recap!

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Posted on October 7, 2013 .