A Weekend in Review: Public Service Announcements

Today I have for you a weekend in review. Do I think that I have a super interesting life and everyone needs to know what I did this weekend? No. Not at all. But nevertheless, I'm going to tell you what I did this past weekend, and hopefully you'll have so much fun reading about it that you'll want to do some of these things too!

Friday night, I met Jason and work and we went over to Chuy's in The Summit for a little din din. The best part about Chuy's is their nacho bar.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're seriously missing out on life.

PSA #1: Chuy's has Happy Hour specials Monday-Friday from 4pm-7pm. Part of this Happy-Three-Hours is the fully loaded, endless, bottomless nacho bar. It's awesome because you can fill up on free nachos and then a cheaper meal - so the whole thing is obviously a positive thing (even though the cheesey-goodness does terrible things to my myfitnesspal ratios).

After dinner, we went to the UCF House to see some of our friends play a little muzik. First Mandi and Audrie opened, which is always a treat.

PSA #2:You can watch the 'Balcony Sessions' that Jason and I did of Mandi's original songs here. 

And then our friend Kyle's band played. The whole show was an EP release party. They were really good. You should check them out here


Saturday morning Jason and I had to part ways because he had to go work at Samford and I joined our small group at a Fall Festival that our church hosted in Gate City.

Our church does a lot in of ministry in the East Lake/Gate City area of Birmingham. I've never had to the opportunity to join in before, and after being there on Saturday, that's seriously a huge regret that I have. I wish I would have gotten involved sooner. It's funny how simple ministry can be. Small groups and members of our church gathered bringing stuff for games, food, and other booths for the festival. Our small group rented a popcorn machine. It was so much fun just to hand out popcorn and get to love on people.

marks village1.JPG

Some of the guys from our small group got into a little pick up game with some of the teenagers that came. 

marks village2.JPG

We had a little bit of rain in the beginning, but all in all, it turned out great!

marks village3.JPG

PSA #3: To find out how to get involved in ministry in East Lake/Gate City, check out WorkFaith Birmingham here. You can also visit The Church at Brook Hills local missions website here.

I ended up having to leave the fall festival a little bit early because Jason and I had booked a video shoot. We recorded our first recital on Saturday afternoon a student in Samford's music school. We loved getting to be a part of this recital, and we hope that we get more opportunities like this in the future!

PSA #4: If you have any video needs, please feel free to check out our website for A Morales Production here.

Sunday morning Jason and I went for a walk around our neighborhood. We really enjoyed seeing our neighborhood on foot rather than on wheels for the first time.

our walk.PNG
Loving this fall weather.

Loving this fall weather.

Our shadows.

Our shadows.

Sunday afternoon we were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch, but we decided to be productive instead.  

When I bought the shelving for our closet, I had to buy 12 foot pieces of shelving that the kind Home Depot folks cut down to the correct size for me. When it was all said and done, I had a four foot piece left. I decided that it'd be helpful to hang it in our laundry room, even though we are blessed to have TONS of storage in our laundry room already. I thought it would make a nice spot to hang clothes that can't go into the dryer (a.k.a. half of my wardrobe)

The project was cheap, easy, and it turned out really well so far.  

laundry room.JPG

The second project that we did seemed as if it should have been just as simple.  

I wanted to mount some hardware to our door since it's just flat wood. I love the color that we painted it after we moved in, but it needed a little something more. So I looked for some door knockers and found that at places like Home Depot, they're about $35 a pop. Luckily, I'm a huge fan of searching through Amazon, so I found one for $13 and free shipping. Sold.  To the girl with a budget.

The only problem with Amazon is that sometimes things don't come with the best instructions. When our beautiful door knocker arrived, it came in a plastic case with only two screws, two washers, and a vague picture that looked like it said to screw two really big holes directly through our door. 

Of course we wanted to follow the directions, so as Jason prepared the drill, I marked where the screws should go. I warned him before he got started. I said, "If this goes poorly, we have to buy a new door." Jason said, well, he said nothing. He just began drilling. 

He got less than a quarter inch into the door before we realized that this was not going to end well.

I had the brilliant idea of using Gorilla Glue. In all of the excitement, we failed to read the part about how you have to clamp the objects that you're gluing together for about 60 MINUTES.  

I'm not sure how long we stood in our doorway taking turns holding down the door knocker before we gave up; it seemed like a really long time. 

We had to make an HD run anyway, so we decided we'd take a stroll through the glue isle while we were there. We discovered that Gorilla Glue makes a Super Gorilla Glue that only takes 30-60 SECONDS for the materials you're gluing to bond together. 

Luckily, the third time was a charm.  

PSA #5: To save you from potentially spending 1/2 of your day working on mounting hardware to your door, just know that Super Gorilla Glue > Gorilla Glue. 

To see the before pics, click  here .

To see the before pics, click here.

I'm officially complaining about this: 


PSA #6: It is not even Halloween yet and HD already has their Christmas trees out.

I hope that someone from HD sees this post and interprets it as my official complaint letter.  Roll with the holidays people, let's take it one step at a time!

Ah, well that's all I've got for today.

Seriously spend some time in prayer about getting involved in an urban area near you, even if it's not Gate City.  

And definitely check back tomorrow because I'll have a special surprise post! 

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Posted on October 22, 2013 .