Call me a hypocrite

I probably should have posted this yesterday, or waited until next Wednesday because "What I'm Learning on Wednesday" is a pretty cool title. But it's Thursday, and nothing cool rhymes with Thursday except for Smurzday or Furrzday. So obviously, "Call me a hypocrite" is my go-to title.

Do you ever have days or seasons in life when you know that you're learning something, but you can't exactly put your finger on it? Then all of a sudden, you realize what it is, and you realize that it's not anything new that you've learned? No, that's just me? Ok. I'm weird. But regardless, that's what has been going on in this wacky brain of mine for some time now.

Once in a while, I'll read a passage of scripture, a line in a book, or just be in prayer and I'll ask myself, "What is God doing in and/or through me right now?" I never want to become idle in my walk with the Lord, so I feel like this question is a good an relevant thing to ask every now and then. To be honest though, lately, I've kind of felt like I wasn't growing a whole lot. 

Then, this week, it hit me. The Lord speaks to me in repetition, because He knows that I am hardheaded and don't listen the first dozen or so times. I've kept hearing people say things about "loving others" over and over. I think part of that comes along with this time of year and everyone is more willing to give because it's Christmas and the end of the calendar year so people want their last minute tax deductions. I know that sounds really harsh, people give to profit for themselves, but it's so true, and we humans are so sinful and wicked. That's why the message of "loving others" is SO VITALLY IMPORTANT. 

We cannot be in Christ without trying to love like Christ. They are one in the same. 

Whether we give to our church, a faith-based organization, or secular nonprofit working for a good cause, we must do it with love. We must give, serve, and go into our neighborhoods, community, cities, and to the nations with a heart full of love for all people through the spirit of Christ in us. 

Sometimes that looks like just sitting down at coffee with a friend or an acquaintance and listening to them for a while and praying over them. Sometimes it looks like celebrating a holiday with people who don't have a lot of friends and family to celebrate with. Sometimes that looks like overseas missions for an extended amount of time. But whatever God calls you to do in this life, we are commanded to love all people them and love them well. 

No believer was any more deserving of Christ's love when we received it, so we must extend the same love for others that was given to us. 

I'm not very good at this. And that's why I titled this post the what it is, because I feel like such a hypocrite even typing these words. I don't do this well, but that's why God has been given me reminders in all sizes, shapes, and forms to remind me to love Him, and love people, for that is the greatest commandment of all.

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Posted on November 21, 2013 .