Monday Morning Makeup: Day to Night Eyes

I really love simplicity. I like anything that can go from work, to groceries, to dinner. I don't want to go home and change a million times. I don't want to have to redo makeup. A little touch-up here and there doesn't bother me, but I really want things to be quick and simple.

So, today I'll be sharing an eye makeup look that can really go from day to night. This should work with most eye colors. I have really dark brown eyes, and I have done this look for a couple of people who have more of a hazel-y green color eye and it works great! You can also customize this if you'd like to, which I always suggest doing if you think that the colors are too dark for you.

Start with an eye primer. If you're not sure what an eye primer is, check out my MMM from a few weeks ago on using primers here.

Put a small dot of primer on your ring finger. Touch your ring fingers together and take the primer from the base of your eyelid, along your lash line, all the way up to the crease of you eyes. 

Next, choose your tool. I use a brush that is flat and wide. You can also use a eye sponge applicator. 

Third, take your brush or sponge and get a good amount of eye shadow on it. For this look, you're going to use GRANITE or CHOCOLATE KISS. I use both...and it really depends on what I am wearing or how I'm feeling that day honestly. If you have brown or hazel eyes, I would lean a little more toward granite. If you're blue eyed or green eyed, I would use the chocolate kiss. 

Take your eye shadow, and spread it evenly from the base of your eyelid at your lash line and take it up to the crease. These colors are great because if you're going for a lighter, daytime look, you can just do one thin layer. If you're looking for a little bit more dramatic look, you can build the color. 

Once you have your lid color, you're going to use a crease brush to spread MOONSTONE from the crease of your eye to just under your eyebrow. You can also take this color from the most inner part of your eyebrow, down to the corner of your eye. This is a highlighting technique that will make your eyes look open and alert...which is a great for a Monday morning look :)

After you've got your eye shadow on, choose your eye liner color. For a dark brown eye, like mine, DARK DENIM is a great contrasting color that will give your eyes a little pop. For hazel or a lighter brown eye, I really like the DEEP BROWN eye liner. For a blue or green eye, classic black eye shadow is great, but I really like the BRONZE eye liner for a daytime look. 

Last, use the ULTIMATE MASCARA to frame everything out.

To take this classic, natural daytime look to nighttime, use your eye shadow brush or sponge applicator to add a layer of ESPRESSO over your eyelid. You'll still be able to see the shimmer from granite or chocolate kiss, but the espresso will add an extra dimension of color. It's also a matte color, so it won't mess up your liner or mascara. If you want to add even more drama, extend espresso out past the corner of your eye, up to the crease and add black liner. 

I love using just a few tools and colors that are simple and easy to take an everyday, natural look to a nighttime, fun, and slightly dramatic style.

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Posted on April 21, 2014 .