Whole30 Weeks 3 & 4: The Finish Line

Guys, WE DID IT - almost - tomorrow is my last day! And by "we" I mean all of those who supported me, didn't let me cheat, encouraged me to begin in the first place, put up with my complaining, read my blog, and just helped me out along the way - this was a group effort! 

finish line.jpg

And I know you're all dying to read my recap of the last two weeks :)

Whole30 Week 3:

Day 14: I thought I was going to die tonight! I ate my breakfast, skipped lunch because I wasn't hungry, and then realized skipping lunch was a terrible mistake. I came home to make dinner and it didn't turn out very good. Jason was out of town, so I just sat on the couch alone, tummy growling, dreaming of Zaxby's and wondering if anyone would ever find out if I made the two minute trek to their drive-through window. I doubt anyone would find out, but I would know, and I'd feel horrible. So I sat and sulked with Swanson.

Day 15: I really just want cream in my coffee. That's the only craving I have. Today I feel much better, I have some good food to eat, and no more skipping meals! Plus, Jason comes home today!

Days 16-20: Feeling great! I finished reading It Starts with Food and decided that I'm really going to try to stick to a lot of the healthy eating habits I've created while doing the Whole30. Also, everyone should read this book. Literally, Every. Single. Person. Here it is on Amazon for a great price: 

Day 21: There's definitely a Day 21 Schlump, as expected because of this article. I'm so tired today I can't seem to get anything done. All I can think about is PJs and TV shows and my couch. I'm tired of my food. I'm tried of being tired. Only nine days left, right?

Whole30 Week 4:

Day 22: Tonight, I faced pizza for the first time. I helped host a meeting at work from 6pm-8pm, which meant that I helped set-up and serve pizza and cookies. At one point my co-worker thought I'd had it with the Whole30 and was digging into the pizza. In reality I was just combining boxes :) As good as the pizza smelled, I really wasn't tempted to eat it. If I am going to throw away everything I've done for 22 days, it'll be for something better than pizza. But alas, I survived. I'm learning that moments with food are really just that - fleeting moments. The temptation is there, but then before you know it, it's gone. As with any kind of temptation in life, you feel so much better when you just stick to the plan. You don't feel shame or regret - in fact you feel EXCITED that you resisted the temptation! Whole30 is teaching me a TON about food, but it's also teaching me a lot about life and myself.

Day 23: Today I'm road tripping with my sister! She got engaged in December and we're headed to our hometown for the weekend for her first wedding dress fitting! I can't believe it!! I've packed myself an ice chest full of my Whole30 compliant foods as well as a bag full of fruit, nuts, and other compliant "snack-ish" foods. I was worried that it'd be really hard to drive 4-5 hours without any "road trip foods" aka junk food, but it wasn't bad! When we got home, my mom and I went to the grocery store and I helped her find foods that we could ALL eat for the weekend. It's such a blessing to have the support of my family!

Side Story: My parents rescued a dog! The night before Carlee and I drove home, they called to tell me that they'd found this little white dog in their neighborhood. My mom got out of the car and the dog came to her, so they took him to their house after realizing he didn't have a collar. They gave him food, water, etc. and then the next day took him to the vet. The dog was pretty banged up and the vet said he'd been neglected for a long time, and also on the run for a while. Thankfully, my parents decided to keep him!! Meet Packer Sansom (after the Green Bay Packers):

Packer's first beach experience with his new mommy and daddy!

Packer's first beach experience with his new mommy and daddy!

Days 24-28: Cravings are gone. Energy levels are high! I went to the doctor on Day 26 and my cholesterol is down from last year! Overall, this is really just feeling like normal life now. I am hoping that this feeling will last for the last two days, and I'm sure it will.

I can't wait to weigh and measure on Saturday, but truthfully, the success of the Whole30 can only partially be measured by a scale and measuring tape. The way I feel, the energy I have, and the way I want to just keep on going is astounding!

Next week I'll be sharing some of my thoughts, comments, favorite meals, and what I'm planning on doing moving forward.

Posted on January 29, 2015 .