My Whole30 Review

It's over!! But, it's only just begun.

I truly feel like my excuse for not eating certain things is over. In January when I didn't want/couldn't eat a non-compliant food, had to bring my own food, or had to ask for some off-menu item I could just smile and say, "I'm doing the Whole30," and people would either ask me what it was or give me a sympathetic look. 

I read something yesterday that a girl who had just finished Whole30 posted. She said that a lot of her friends and co-workers kept asking her if she was ON Whole30 or if she was DOING Whole30. She replied and said, "Neither, I AM Whole30!"

I don't think I'd get the same sympathetic looks if I went around saying that at every dinner party I went to, but it is a good ideology for me mentally. 

So I guess you're wondering what my results are, how I feel now, and where will I go from here?

My Results

Measurable results

  • 4% of body weight lost
  • 5.5 inches lost

Non-scale victories

  • Sleep: The first week of Whole30 I had 5 hours 44 minutes of light sleep. Last week I had 3 hours 55 minutes of light sleep, but my average sleep time stayed the same. Let me tell you, I can tell a difference. I sleep so much better now!
  • Energy: For the last 10 years (if you do the math, that puts me at age 15), I've needed/craved an afternoon coffee and snack almost every day. Now, I don't crave or need either. Sometimes I'll get a little hungry in the afternoon, but I just eat some almonds or something like that and I'm good to go!
  • Things are fitting better: My clothes are fitting better. My wedding rings aren't cutting off my circulation. Even my shoes fit better. This goes to show me that I was probably retaining too much water due to soda/other foods and drinks that were making me bloated.
  • Ingredients: I NEVER checked the ingredients that were in things before Whole30. Now I'm ridiculous about it! It takes me a little longer to do my grocery shopping, but when I leave, I feel so good about what I purchased!
  • Endurance: I'm not going to give all of the credit for my endurance levels to Whole30 - I think my personal trainer, Mandy, has a lot to do with it as well (hi Mandy!). In July of 2014 Jason and I went to my hometown for the 4th of July. We walked on the beach (I'm from Destin, FL) with Swanson and I could barely  make it. I was so hot, out of breath, and I just felt like I was going to collapse. Two weekends ago I was in Destin for my sister's wedding dress fitting and went out to the beach with my parents. It was 30-40 degrees cooler, but the activity of walking on the beach was still the same.  We walked for about 45 minutes and I left without huffing and puffing! As we got in the car to leave, I realized how BIG of a difference the last six months have made in my health! 

How I feel now

Overall, I feel great.

Would I have liked to have lost a little bit more weight? Yes, of course, because I have a lot left to lose before I reach my goal.

Would I like to be able to carry on eating only Whole30 compliant foods for the rest of my life? Duh!

Will I be able to? No, probably not, because it's not meant for that for most people.

Will I do this again? Definitely, this is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

I have a really bad habit of not paying attention when I lose weight. I'm always so focused on the end goal that I forget to be excited and proud of myself along the journey. Because of my hormonal issues that I've written about before, I really consider a week without weight gained a WIN, so losing 4% of my body weight is a pretty big deal. I want to be proud of myself, even if I am a long way from my goal.

I'm SO thankful for the support I've received along the way - especially from Jason, Mandy, Valerie, Logan, Carlee, Julia, Mom, & Dad!

You guys are awesome, each one of you! Jason kept me sane emotionally and let me spend $9 on almond butter and $20 on steaks at one time (thanks babe, those steaks were totally worth it!). Mandy helped me by challenging me in the first place to start Whole30 on New Year's Day. She's also helped me with so much more that I can't even write about because you'd be here all day reading. Valerie helped me get through so dark moments at work and even obstained from non-compliant foods at work with me. Logan basically told me I wasn't allowed to cheat - ever - but especially at Community Group or at her house or in front of her. And my family is always just so supportive, encouraging, and altogether amazing! Thanks, everyone!

Where will I go from here?

Things I am going to add back in with caution (and hopefully restraint)

  • Cream for my coffee
  • Meat rubs from restaurants
  • Marinades from restaurants 
  • "Worth It" items as desired, but it really really has to be worth it!

Things I am going to stay away from after Whole30

  • Soda, even diet and "zero" 
  • Splenda (this is HUGE!!!), fake sweetener, and things the contain fake sweetener
  • Grains, wheat, gluten (basically CARBS, except fruit)
  • Dairy, as much as possible (this is a BIG DEAL because I used to eat at least one yogurt per day) 
  • Eating out more than twice a week (except when traveling)
  • Lattes, cappuccinos, and coffees that force me to drink my calories
  • Salad dressings
  • Marinades and rubs with a lot of sugar or sodium (except at restaurants when I can't help it) 
  • Soy
  • Butter
  • Oils other than Olive Oil and Coconut Oil (and other compliant oils that I just haven't used yet)
  • Sugary items. Period. That includes desserts, candy, wine, lemonade, sweet tea, and basically anything/everything that has a lot of sugar in it, unless it is fruit

Are you interested in doing the Whole30 and completely changing your view of food? I hereby challenge you to do it! Don't think about it too much, just go and do it! It's totally doable, but I won't lie and say it's easy. You really must desire to change your life (when it comes to food, let's not get too spiritual here) and it really does require a lot of grace from God (that's where the spiritual side comes in). Let me know if you want to do the Whole30 and I'll be your cheerleader all along the way! WE can do it, and I'm gonna keep on keepin' on!

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Posted on February 3, 2015 .