NIA: Not Instagram Appropriate

I've felt burdened lately with the idea of Instagram. Obviously, it hasn't stopped me from posting adorable pictures of my pup or our mini-vacay to Atlanta last weekend. I've been a lover of captured moments for many years, thus Instagram is right up my jam. I love seeing pictures of your cute kids, yummy food, and precious fur babies -- and I promise I won't hesitate showing you mine (take out kid and insert 'adoption status')!

But Instagram isn't the whole picture of our lives, is it? 

I've been challenged lately by an acquaintance who has a pretty large blog and Instagram following.  She and I went to high school together, but I don't think we've talked maybe ever in person. She has recently shared some very difficult news about some of the rougher sides of her life and family, and I applaud her for that. I'm not saying that we should throw everything out there, PLEASE don't do that! I believe that it's important to live in biblical community with a small group of people who you depend on to bear one another's burdens. But, I also believe that showing the A+ moments of our life creates jealousy, discontentment, and comparison that leads to a lack of joy in our lives. 

Today, I'm going to share a NIA (aka Not Instagram Appropriate) story. 

I went to my general practitioner for a checkup yesterday. It was a well visit. Usually I don't like these because for the last several years they've included my doctor getting on to me about my weight and then going to the lab for blood work. I'm thankful for those appointments because it's helped to pinpoint some medications that I need to be on to help with some issues that I have, but overall, not enjoyable. 

But this time, I was pretty upbeat about going to the doctor. I've lost some weight since the last time I was there, and I was really excited to be able to answer "YES" to questions like, "Are you exercising several times a week?" "Are you eating a balanced diet?" "Are you cross-training in your exercise regimen?" YES YES YES! AND I finally have something to show for it - I'm losing weight! YAY! I unrealistically had a picture in my head of my doctor high-fiving me on my way out and saying, "You go girl!" 

I didn't get a high-five. I didn't get any sort of encouragement. Instead I was met with a 10-page packet telling me why it's important to exercise and eat healthy. Worst of all, the top of the packet said it was for the "morbidly obese". 


Is that really what I get for losing weight, lowering my cholesterol, and having sugar and thyroid levels that are now in the normal range?! I've worked my fanny off for the last 8 months, and I get 'called' morbidly obese?!? I just can't win.

To make matters worse, when the doctor came in the exam room, she glanced at my chart for like half a second and then asked me if I'd ever considered getting bariatric surgery. 


I was literally speechless. I'm not naive...I know I need to lose more weight. But that is why just this year I've completed the Whole30, began training for a 5K, and weekly worked out with a personal trainer. Not to mention the fact that I've lost weight!  Agh! 

Last night I went to the gym to do my Couch-to-5K for the day. I really wanted to quit halfway through. I was tired, hangry, and super discouraged from the day that I'd had. Jason was out of town, and I really just wanted to be on my couch watching 19 Kids and Counting and skip the whole "-to-5K" part of the evening.. But I finished my workout, and thankfully that lifted my spirits a little bit. 

Why am I telling you this? To be honest, I'm not 100% sure. But I feel like sometimes we just have to be real, and even sometimes raw with each other because we don't know who might need to hear about the NIA part of our life.

Here's my charge today...

Let's struggle together.
Let's encourage one another.
Let's pray for each other.  
Let's not always live Instagram appropriate lives.

Posted on April 29, 2015 .