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Guess what?! Guest post!! Get excited because today you'll be hearing from my cousin-in-law (Jason's cousin), Audra. Audra and I have only met once in person when we were in California earlier this year, but I feel like we've been friends for years. Her daughter and Brighten are close in age, and it's been so wonderful to have someone with a little girl just a few months ahead of us. Since most of our friendship has developed over email and Facebook Messenger, we laughed a lot at each other's accents when we finally got to meet this year! Audra grew up in New England, and I grew up in Northwest Florida. It was a good time and Jason and I look forward to visiting Audra and her sweet family in Massachusetts sometime soon!

Today Audra is reviewing a product called Holistic Science. I'm so excited for you to hear about this company!

Holistic Science is a small company out of San Diego with products I love for both myself and my baby, Stasia Rose. When Stasia was born I used their Gentle Calming Baby Goop after each bath. This lotion is light and easy on sensitive baby skin and has a very gentle scent that I adore.

After a few months I began to smooth their Gentle Calming Baby Balm on the cradle cap on her scalp and forehead every three days or so. This has a slightly stronger, but very pleasant scent and remains greasy on the skin, which is perfect for cradle cap. I also apply it to my skin if I have an eczema spot.

Holistic Science.jpg

I began using their Gentle Calming Baby Wash when she was a toddler. This product came in a glass jar and when Stasia knocked it out of the tub it shattered. I called and left a voicemail about this, just to let them know that glass is not a safe container for a baby bath product. They called me back the next day and told me they would be changing the container. About two weeks later I was surprised with the delivery of a free bottle in their new plastic container. That is amazing customer service!!!

When I was pregnant I used their Creamy Lathering Sugar Scrub (Honey) and Intense Nourishing Cocoa Butter to avoid stretch marks. Although I know this is more of a genetic concern and not much can be done to prevent them, I did enjoy the scent and feel of each, and ended up with no stretch marks.

I regularly use the Gentle Facial Cleanser, which is light and does not irritate my sensitive skin. Before that I had tried their Olive and Marula Cleansing Oil but that built up on my skin and did not seem to wash away grime and I ended up with breakouts. I enjoy their Rose and Hibiscus Corrective Facial Toner, which has a lovely scent and absorbs quickly into the skin. I recently began using their Vitamin A.C.E. Super Antioxidant Facial Serum, which has a very nice light feel, though I have not noticed any differences in my skin since using it. It also has a foul taste so I avoid my lip area.

During the day I wear their Pure SPF-15 Lightweight Moisturizer followed by the Mineral Tonic Mist (Fresh Floral) and at night I use the Ultra Corrective Facial Cream, which is thick and creamy, followed by the Mineral Tonic Mist (Fresh Lavender). The mists have a long-lasting, yet gentle scent for the body and face. For my lips I use the Ultra-Hydrating Moisture Stick (Lavender) and if I am stuffed up I smooth some Breathe Cream Herbal Vapor Rub under my nose.

Holistic Science has products that last a long time and have excellent ingredients. I visited their shop once and saw their kitchen, which was pristine. Their customer service is great, whether at the farmer’s market, in the shop, or on the phone, and on rainy days in San Diego they send out a celebration email offering free shipping. I give this company my highest recommendation for yourself, baby, and gifts for others. Check them out!

Audra is the mother of a 20 month old chatterbox named Stasia Rose and the wife of a man named Matt with a large beard. They live with an excessively sweet pitbull named Oberon in a cow town for some reason.   

Posted on October 6, 2017 and filed under Beauty, Baby, Cosmetics, Friday Favorites.