Cheap Float Big Results

To be perfectly honest, I had something else that I was planning to review today, but that'll have to wait for another week. After spending almost a full week in Florida, I just can't help but brag on the little float that could. 

Brighten has done great with the pool this summer. We go to our local Jewish Community Center in Birmingham where I work a few mornings a week. Their pool is fantastic and their baby pool is huge! Brighten has been a champ and I've loved introducing her to the pool because I love swimming so much. Growing up in Florida, my summers were full of pool and beach adventures, so it makes my happy to see that she isn't completely terrified of the water. 

Even though she's done great, I haven't been super impressed with how she's handled her float that we got her at the beginning of the season. I spent like $30 on it and it has all the bells and whistles: a unicorn head on the front, a mesh surround, and a UV cover that attaches. Brighten has stayed in it for all of about 30 minutes cumulatively over the summer though. 

I've been searching high and low for a float that she'd actually like. I got the idea in my head that just a plain baby float would be perfect for her. So, I've gone to Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, the Dollar Store, and more looking for a cheap, yellow float. You know the one? It's the most basic baby float out there. I found it on Amazon, but it wasn't on Prime, so I didn't buy it (that was kid of dumb of me). 

Well, wouldn't you know that when we arrived at our hotel on Sunday and walked down to the pool, there was a basic, yellow baby float hanging there for sale in the pool cabana. It took me all of about 30 minutes to go ask how much it was. $12. And they blew it up for me. Done. And done. 

The first day Brighten cried when we put her in it. Seriously, I thought I'd wasted more money on baby floats. I was pretty frustrated. Our hotel had a "float lagoon" (a lazy river) and I really wanted Brighten to get to enjoy floating around (and I really didn't want to hold her the whole time). 

The second day we got out to the pool early and I was determined that she'd like her float by the end of the day. There weren't many people at the pool yet, so I thought if she had to cry for a few minutes while she got used it, we wouldn't be disturbing many people like we would have the day before. So, I set her in the float and Jason and I started clapping and getting so excited. She cried for about two minutes, but then she realized she was having fun. From that point on, she was glued to her float. SHE LOVED IT. 

Therefore, today's Friday Favorite is the Intex® My Baby Float with Pillow Backrest in Yellow.

Now that I'm doing a Google search on it, you can get it for about $4 online at Buy Buy Baby. We don't have a BBB near us though, so I'll give myself some grace on that :)

Link: Intex® My Baby Float with Pillow Backrest in Yellow

My favorite thing about this float is that we could pop the inner ring up to set B up a little higher since she's a shorty. We got some adorable pictures of her floating, and we are looking forward to taking this float back to Birmingham and enjoying it at the JCC for the rest of the summer months. 

We've had the BEST vacation, and now we are visiting some family in the Daytona Beach area. I'll definitely be ready to sleep in my own bed in a few days, but I'm sad that our vacation is coming to an end. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I've been gone and the blog has been a little less active, and thanks to Melanie for her amazing guest post from earlier this week. If you didn't have a chance to read it, you need to go check it out now!

Were you a water baby? If you have kids, do they love the water? What are your favorite floaties or swim toys?

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