The Only Box I'll Drop

I've been using Dropbox since college, so it's probably been about 8 years at this point. That's insane, but it is what it is. I used to use it for sharing projects or storing a few documents in the cloud that nobody understood back then (does anyone understand it now?!), but now I use it for so much more.

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screenshot from here

DISCLAIMER: You can totally use other cloud storage this way, I just chose Dropbox because I was already using it for a lot of things already, beginning 8 years ago. More on that in a minute.

Obviously, Dropbox is cloud storage, but how does cloud storage play an applicable role in our everyday lives?

I utilize Dropbox in three distinct ways:

  1. Camera Roll Backup. The other day I deleted over 800 photos from my phone's camera roll. Most everything were either screenshots of random stuff or multiples of the same picture of Brighten. I know so many people that keep thousands of photos on their phone, and there's not really anything wrong with that, except when you run out of storage or want to scroll through your phone to find one picture from last year. Basically, it makes it hard to organize everything. That's where Dropbox comes in. I have the Dropbox app downloaded to my phone and I have "Camera Uploads" turned on. That way, every time I take a picture, Dropbox uploads it to the cloud and it's there unless I delete it from Dropbox. This means I can delete photos from my phone or iPad without even thinking twice, because they're already all backed up in Dropbox. Typically, I go into Dropbox on my computer about once a month and file all of my pictures into categories based on month so that I can easily find them later on. 
  2. External Hard Drive Replacement. Since I graduated from college, I've had two hard drives crash on me. TWO! And they had everything from my high school prom pictures to college papers - things that aren't make or break for everyday life, but that are sentimental and that I really wanted to keep. After those two fiascos and paying over $300 each time to get the hard drives recovered, plus buying new hard drives, I decided to take my free version of Dropbox and upgrade to Dropbox Plus. Dropbox Plus is $99 per year, or $10 per month, for 1 TB of storage. At first I really didn't want to pay for storage, but then when I remembered the $600+ that I'd spent on recovering my hard drives and the $200+ I'd spent replacing the broken hard drives, and realized I could get 8 years of Dropbox Plus for that amount. It was a no brainer. It took some major time to upload everything that I wanted onto my Dropbox Plus account, but once I got everything there was it amazing. BONUS: Now I can access pictures from high school, college, and ALL of the thousands of pictures of Brighten all from my phone, iPad, AND computer. What's up, #tbt?!
  3. Sharable Storage for Client Documents. Now that Jason and I both run our own businesses, we have to share a lot of files with clients. These files can be pretty large. Jason frequently shares video files and I share large PDFs or photos. If we relied on email, we'd never be able to send files to our clients without getting them kicked back to us. But, with Dropbox, we are able to save our files from our Desktop and then share a link with our clients seamlessly. From there, our clients can either download the file(s) or save them to their own Dropbox account if they have one. You can also request files from Dropbox Plus, which I love if I'm working on a branding project and need fonts, photos, logos, etc. 

Like I said before, Dropbox is not the only cloud storage out there. In fact, it may not even be the best cloud storage out there. But, it's my favorite. And truly, that's what this blog is all about, right?! More than anything I love that everything is in one place and I don't have to carry around a hard drive to find a logo I created last year to email to a client. 

If you haven't tired Dropbox but would like to, click here and we'll both get some bonus space!

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