I cut my hair styling routine time in half!

I've been searching for a way to cut my hair routine time down for years. I love my hair long, but it takes  F O R E V E R  to style. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. It typically takes about 30 minutes to dry and style my hair if I straighten it and longer if I curl it. This mama don't got time for that!

In recent years I've learned to embrace the top-knot and dry shampoo. This means I only have to wash my hair once every four days or so. But, on the days that I do wash my hair, it makes the rest of my hair days better if I can start out with styled hair. I never look forward to this because I can't really figure out a time in my day to take time for a shower plus 30+ minutes for my hair. 

A few weeks ago, my friend from college, Lauren, posted about the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer. She posted a before and after picture and her hair looked fantastic! I typically think products like this are a bit gimmicky, however with the recommendation from someone I trust, I thought I'd try it out.

2018-03-08 22.06.43.jpg

This product is available at Target and on Amazon. It's under $60, which if you're replacing your hair dryer and straighter, that's a great deal! 

Today, it took me less than 15 minute to go from wet hair to dry, straight hair. I also love that this product gives my hair some lift. I have always loved how my hair looked when the salon did a professional blow out, and this is the look that this product gives. I've never been able to become coordinated enough to maneuver a round brush and hair dryer at the same time...

There are three settings, cool, low, and high. The first time I used it, I kept it on low. Today I mostly kept it on high, which I think helped keep the time down. I also let my hair air dry for about 20 minutes while I put my makeup on and got Brighten's breakfast ready. I prepped my hair with Monat's Blow Out Cream and Leave-In Conditioner. I find that my hair style holds for more consecutive days the more hydrated my hair is, so these products help me achieve that hydration (to learn more about Monat, check out my previous Friday Favorites post from Melanie).

I took a few videos while I was drying my hair yesterday and posted them on my Instagram Stories. Make sure to go check them out if you want to see how well this works!! 

gotta love a bathroom selfie at the office :)

gotta love a bathroom selfie at the office :)

If you're a person who is short on time and wants to cut time out of your hair routine, definitely try this product out. 

What is your hair styling routine? How long does it take? Are you like me - forever trying to cut down on my style time? 

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