It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

You guys are in for a HUGE treat. I love having guest authors for mrsblogbacktome and this is no exception. My amazing friend, Melanie Adkison and I have known each other since right after she and her sweet family moved to Birmingham in 2012 to plant a church (which is now the church we're a part of). Melanie is wife to Andy, and mom to Jude (9) and Drew (8). The first time I met her was at her house and she made dinner for a group of people. Melanie has a gift of bringing people into her home and immediately making them feel like family. She is the best listener, but is also incredibly encouraging. I just love hanging out with her, talk to her, and learn from her. Melanie is a fifth grade teacher, and when I asked her to write something about going back to school, I could have never imagined she'd bestow so much wisdom in just a one post. I told you, she's amazing, so without further adieu, here's Melanie... 

Posted on August 8, 2017 .


For about six months I used to wake up promptly at 5:00 a.m., before the day began, before dawn. It's been almost five years since I was that newlywed living in a little, old apartment on a familiar side of town. I'd get up early, drag myself a quarter-mile down the hill to the paved neighborhood trail, and I'd walk. I'd also listen to sermons. And I'd pray. 

Dear Jessica, on your 17th birthday

Dear Jessica, on your 17th birthday:

First of all, happy birthday! Ten years from now you will still love celebrating birthdays just as much. However, in about four years you'll learn that it's just as much fun to celebrate the people you love. You're good at giving gifts and making people feel special and you will eventually learn to embrace that about yourself. 

Posted on May 7, 2016 .