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Our Crestwood Cottage: A King's Headboard

Ever since I began reading Young House Love, I decided that I wanted to be more like them. Obviously I don't have nearly the talents or skills, but I figured I'd take it one project at a time. My first real DIY home project that I decided to do was a king size headboard. My plan was to follow their directions for upholstering a headboard exactly, to ensure there would be no errors.

Well, when I showed up at the art store, I was informed that the size frame I needed would either cost me about $90, or it did not exist. I opted out of that, and chose make a stop at Home Depot (which is less than a mile from our house...DANGEROUS) and buy some plywood.

My mom was really helpful in this. She's a pro I tell ya. We ended up buying an $8.00, 4'x8' piece of plywood and having them (Home Depot dudes) saw off the 2' or so that we didn't need. The plywood was about 1" thick, which is really all you need for this. We also bought 2 1"x3" boards that we had cut into 3, 4' pieces. These would serve as the legs for our headboard. We bought a pack of 1 1/4" wood screws to attach the legs to the plywood.

Previously, I'd picked out a fabric from a website that has great quality fabric for a very affordable price. I bought 3 yards, which was probably a little to much, but King beds are huge, so I wanted to be safe. I had also previously bought 3 yards of batting at Joann's Fabrics.

TIP: If you download their iPhone app, there's one coupon a week for 50% a regular priced item.

Just FYI...
Our materials, post sawing.
After our Home Depot shopping trip and after steaming my fabric, we were ready to go.

Probably the most unflattering way I could have done this. But honestly, I didn't know Jason was taking pictures.
Also, right after this, we realized that our backyard is really shady, so we moved back there. Then Mom and I got chiggers. Any tips on how to get those nasty things out of our yard?!?

My hardworking DIY team.

Some intense drilling.

I probably would do a few things differently if we were to do this again. But the process was not bad at all. In fact, my mom and I joked decided that we'd start making these and selling them out of our backyard. So...if you're in the market for a custom headboard...hit us up!

Here's the final product:

And I must's quite comfortable to lean up against!

That's all for today! Seattle is calling our check back with my review of our first trip to Seattle!

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Our Crestwood Cottage: Cheerful Welcome - Front Door Makeover

When we moved in almost two weeks ago, we had a black front door with a storm door with bars on it. Very dark, not too pretty. Our porch is one of our favorite things about the house. So Saturday, while my parents were in town, we all 4 went to work on brightening up our front door.


Dad removed the storm door.
Jason and Mom sanded down the door.
Mom and I painted.

The outcome:

We will want to add a door knocker, wreath, and maybe our house number just to add some visual interest to the door. But overall, we LOVE the color and the way our front porch looks.

This was a really simple and inexpensive project with big results.

We bought Behr Ultra paint. It's an exterior semi-gloss with the primer mixed it. We chose from the Martha Stewart collection of colors, and they had to color match it. The color we chose is called "Lagoon". This paint cost about $18 for a quart, and we only used half of the quart. We bought a fine sanding block and sanded the door down first. Then Jason used an electric sander to go over everything to even it out. We used liquid sandpaper last because it makes the door a little "tacky" and it holds the paint on really well. Going from a black door to this bright color only needed two coats of paint!

Come and knock on our door... :)

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Our Crestwood Cottage: Master Closet Makeover

When we moved into our house about 10 days ago, our closet was about four feet wide with two bars to hang clothes on and a shoe rack on the door. We didn't even attempt to put our clothes in there because we knew they would not all fit. The previous owner lived there alone, so her clothes probably fit fine - mine would have for sure. But, Jason and I wanted our new home to be 100% OURS, since our apartment was not that way (I lived there first). This meant we wanted both of our clothes in the master closet. I don't know why that was so important to us, but it was. So we did a little closet reno and it's almost complete!

Phase One: We hired someone to knock out the wall that served as the back of our closet and the side wall of a hall closet. Thankfully, we noticed the two closets were only connected by a nonessential wall when we were looking at the house. We had someone come and look at it before closing, and scheduled him to come knock out the wall only 3 days after we'd begun living there. I must say, the noises that I heard at first (I was the only one home when he got started) scared me to death!

One of the biggest things we've had to get used to about our house is the fact that it's OURS and we can do what we want to it! Since Jason and I have always been renters, that's a hard thing to get used to!

Getting a peek at our sub-floor was surreal.

Insulation falling from the ceiling.

Phase Two: No more insulation! Everything was sealed up nicely and ready for some paint!

Phase Three: Everything is painted to match the hallway and living area.

Phase Four: Shelves were hung and clothes were put in the closet. Originially, we were going to have the shelves hung professionally. But the decision came down to professionally hung shelves or a king size bed, and we chose the king size bed. My parents came in town this past weekend, and the four of us hung our shelves. It was actually pretty simple!

Phase Five: The floor still needs to be stained and some of the trip needs to be replaced. We also want to hang bottom shelves for pants, but we will have to wait until the floor is stained.

(come back to see pictures of the last phase)

Overall, this has been a pretty simple process. I'm very thankful we made the decision to do this project right away, because I don't think we would have ever done it otherwise. As of right now, I have no complaints about our house...but I'm almost positive that we would have both been complaining if we would have had to share that little closet that we had before.

The cost of this project was around $1,000. The shelving was about $250, and the labor and materials were around $750.

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