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My Day of Cheats

June 1st marked the first day of my journey to living well physically. I started exercising regularly and I starting eat better...much better. Although I decided to cut out all processed sugar and stick to a "clean eating" diet as much as I could, I decided I'd give myself a few milestone celebrations for myself to keep me helps to be working toward something.

The first milestone came in June. Jason was a groomsmen in a wedding and I knew I'd want wedding cake. So, I made the decision that I'd eat wedding cake as long as I'd stayed on my eating plan before that day came.

The next milestone I set was for Jason's birthday. I made a decision that I would work hard from June 9th to July 23rd and then celebrate with a big night out with my guy for his birthday. And that's exactly what we did!

Take a look at our delicious cheesecake!!!

This day made me realize how poorly I ate before I began this journey. Every birthday, every celebration, every get together, it all revolved around food! No wonder I gained weight. I constantly would tell myself that I'd be "good" and then get caught up in the moment and eat twice the amount of calories I should in a day...and that happened a few times a week. I had no boundaries.

I took a screenshot of what a typical day's eating pattern looks like for me:

And then here's Jason's birthday:

Again, it's no surprise that I was gaining weight. It really wasn't anything for me to eat dessert on a regular basis before June 1st. Or eat a burger and fries. I told myself that I was healthy because on the days that I faced zero temptation, I was a healthy eater. But as life gets busier and crazier, temptations seem to be lurking around every corner.

So boundaries were set, and I praise God for the discipline to withstand temptation all of this time.

Now, it's back to healthy eat...until the next milestone.

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A Newlywed First: My Husband's Birthday


I woke him up this morning with some birthday pancakes and a "Birthday Boy" pin for him to wear today. I'm pretty sure that I'm more excited about his birthday that I was my own. But that's kind of normal, right?

Birthday chocolate chip pancakes
Over the past 10 months, Jason and I have shared a lot of "newlywed firsts". First trip, first Christmas, etc. Since we're only 2 months away from celebrating our 1 year anniversary, we've already celebrated a lot of those "firsts", so it almost seems like we've become immune to them. But yesterday as I was strolling around Target and I wandered into the card section, I realized that this would be the first time that I get to buy a card for my husband.

I already had Jason's gifts bought and plans made for dinner tonight, but I decided right then and there in the card section that I was going to try to make this birthday as special as I possibly could for my man.

Jason and I met a week before I turned 21 and he was 23, almost 24. It's crazy to think that there were 23 years of his life that I did not know him. It's also crazy to think that in the span of 3 or so years, we could become best friends, date, get engaged, and get married - but that's our reality and I think it's completely awesome!

I am thankful for July 24, 1986. That's the day my husband was born. That's the day that he cried his first cry and opened is eyes to this big, crazy world for the first time; it's the day he began all of his "firsts". I'm thankful that God guided his steps for 23 years, and then finally brought us together. I'm thankful for the way we've grown through stages of friendship, love, and marriage.

Happy birthday to Jason, and may we spend many more years celebrating him, his life, and how he infectiously loves everyone and everything around him!

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