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Our Crestwood Cottage: Weekend Progress

Well, it's been two full days since my last post and I feel like it's been two weeks. Every part of my body is sore, especially my feet. My little Camry has been packed to the brim a few dozen times, and it's currently housing boxes from Ikea that I really don't want to take inside. Jason has been at war with a couple of bugs - he's won most of the battles, but there's one "bird-like" bug in our garage that is currently winning. I've realized that I know nothing about keeping flowers alive or grass green (conversation with my mom: Mom - "Do you have a sprinkler system?" Me - "I think that's what we call rain."). But all in all, the process has been fun and I'm so thankful for what we've been given. I wouldn't want to do this whole moving thing often, but I also wouldn't want to do it with anyone but Jason. He's quite a trooper.

Saturday night we spent the first night in the house. We planned on waiting until this coming Wednesday so that all of our furniture would be there, but after taking a short nap in our new king size bed on Saturday afternoon, we decided that we could not go back to the apartment with it's measly queen bed :) . We are in the process now of figuring out a morning that's fun. I think Jason got a little too eager about our morning routine today and he showed up to work an hour early...whoops! Y'all, I can't blame's been a LONG weekend. are some photos of our progess:
This was all we had in our fridge Saturday morning.
For some reason this just made me laugh.

Our giant bed.

Dining room is complete

Kitchen is getting there. All essentials are in place.

And yesterday we drove to Atlanta to go to my friend Kate's wedding. We did however stop at Ikea before the wedding and racked up on some great finds. Stay tuned for pictures of those items!
The beautiful bride!

Hope you all have a great week!

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Well we're all packed up and ready to go. In a few hours, the Morales wagon will be headed south for the next few days.

After much deliberation, I finally picked out what I was going to wear the the THREE big events this weekend: graduation, rehearsal dinner, and wedding. I usually have trouble dressing myself for one event much less three. But I just chose my newest, nicest dresses and packed them up. It really got me thinking that I could probably handle to give away or sell a lot of my clothes. I basically wear the same six or seven outfits to work, I wear the same five dresses to events, and on the weekends I try to stay in stretchy pants all day. How easy would it be to do laundry if I literally got ride of 3/4 of my wardrobe? That's definitely something to think about.

Maybe Jason and I aren't the only ones who are here today and will be gone tomorrow.

In other news, I mentioned the other day that I'm in the middle of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. So far, I've lost 3.4 lbs. Is that .4 necessary to write? Yes, yes it is. I have always had so much trouble losing weight, so if I've lost over 3 lbs. in 4 days, I'm totally going to claim it! I'm currently on Day 5, and I really do feel great. I haven't had any coffee in a few days, and that's probably the hardest part. I also haven't had any sweets, and that part has actually been a little bit easier than I anticipated. I'll continue to write updates on the blog. I'm hoping that this weekend proves easier than I think it will be to stay on the plan since we'll be traveling so much. I'll be okay, I know I can be disciplined enough!

I probably won't get to blog while we're out of town, so check back next week to see pictures from our trip and also to see the results of the "cleanse" phase of the 24DC.

As always you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or you can just blogbacktome!

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