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The New House Baby Gate

So, Brighten is 17 months old. How did this happen you ask? I assure you that I have no idea. But here we are with a super active toddler! When we moved back in November, I knew we'd need to be really strategic with where Brighten is allowed to roam free. The best (maybe the only good) thing about moving with a 14 month old is that we were able to arrange our new house in a way that gave Brighten plenty of space but sectioned off areas where we don't want her roaming free.

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Quip: Routine, Technique, Upkeep

A few years ago my dentist informed me that I needed to start taking better care of my teeth. Until that point, I was somebody who never flossed, and pretty much just brushed my teeth in the morning, but I'd only ever had one cavity so I didn't have much motivation to change my habits. I know, that's probably grossing some people out, but I've gotten better, I promise :) Much of my improved dental hygiene is thanks to Quip!

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The Popcast & Bubba Tumbler

Okay, so I could describe this podcast, but they do a much better job: 

The Popcast is the Denzel Washington of podcasts: solid, dependable, hard-working and charmingly humorous. More specifically, it is a weekly argument / conversation between Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden about all things pop culture. Frequently we discuss silly celebrities, inexplicable trends, and the most conversation-worthy TV shows and movies.
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