(H)air Styler & Delicious Coffee


Since I work from home now, I don't really blow dry my hair often. Unless I have somewhere to be first thing in the morning, I have time to let my hair air dry. The problem is, when my hair air dries it's a little wonky and any product I've found tends to clump together as it tries. Enter - Don't Blow It. I love a good hair product and this one is perfect for my air drying needs. It doesn't clump up as it dries and it just helps me obtain a sort of messy but not frizzy look. This product is a little pricey at $30 for the large bottle at Sephora, but if you're air drying your hair this is the only product you need!


This is the best coffee. Not only do I love the taste and the price, but I love that it's organic and fair trade. I have attempted the whole 'ethical' buying thing and sometimes I do a good job of researching where things are from, but sometimes I really love Target. The one thing that I have consistently bought for several years is this Trader Joe's coffee. Even before Birmingham had a TJ's, Jason would get it for me while he was in Nashville to work or we'd grab it while in Atlanta for a day trip. If you're looking for a coffee to be loyal to and you're not a super coffee snob, try this one out! As I like to say: "Ethiopia: the birthplace of coffee and the birthplace of our son!" What could be better?

Posted on January 8, 2016 and filed under Beauty, Friday Favorites, Food.