We welcomed Brighten Storie Morales into our family on September 22, 2016. She was a tiny little thing - 7 lb. 1 oz. and 18.5 inches long. We are so thankful for God's timing and faithfulness through this process. We also sincerely appreciate every thought, prayer, kind word, and dollar that has been and will be given to our two adoption processes. Since we had little time to prepare for Brighten's arrival, we setup this page as a way for people to see what our needs are/were as we bring a baby into our home for the first time. We appreciate your gifts so very much and cannot believe how abundantly God has blessed us with community! We love you all and wish we could hug each and every one of you individually. Please check back to our blog because we will be updating it as the process continues!


Brighten's Storie: Part One
Brighten's Storie: Part Two
Brighten's Storie: Part Three
Brighten's Storie: Part Four
Brighten's Storie: Part Five

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