Living In & Overcoming Fear

Crippling fear. It's something that I became uncomfortably used to. I tried to push the tragedies of this world away, but it didn't help. That only led to living in ignorance and oblivion. Let me tell you, ignorance is not bliss. It's like building a glass bubble around yourself temporarily, only to have the whole thing shatter around you when you hear a bit of news that is one of your millions of worst nightmares. So, for the most part I lived in fear, letting the sin, hatred, tragedy, and grief of this broken world grip my heart and my mind daily. I lived with the constant emotion and belief of looming danger, impending pain, and the threat of suffering. 

Posted on July 28, 2018 .

How I Stopped Dieting & Started Losing Weight

Last month in my post for Birmingham Moms Blog, I declared to the world that I was breaking up with dieting and starting a new relationship with becoming strong. It's been one month since I started going to Steel Strength Training (SST) three times per week. SST is strictly strength training - it's not boot camp or CrossFit (these things aren't bad or anything, but they're just not for me). It's only been a month, but I am absolutely loving it. Nate (the owner and head trainer) is super encouraging, super realistic, and super knowledgable. I've been going three mornings a week (his recommended number of days to train), and I'm already seeing results. It's pretty amazing.

Posted on February 5, 2018 .

Life Lately :: The Most Busy-iest Time of the Year

Well, my last post was way too long ago. So long good intentions. Since the last time I posted anything on the blog, we have begun a new adoption process, bought a new house, moved, begun renting out our old house, celebrated Thanksgiving in Florida, vacationed in New York City, and now we are counting down the days until Christmas! It's been a lot. Throw our feisty 15 month old in the mix and it's been downright chaos. But now I've got a few minutes to actually sit down and collect a few thoughts, so here it goes...