Haiti Adoption Timeline

9/26/17: Meet with Lifeline's Haiti Program staff to learn more about the program

10/6/17: Program documents signed - we're official a Haiti family!

5/24/18: Find out we’re expecting a biological baby! We will slowly continue working on paperwork for the duration of our pregnancy

domestic Timeline - brighten

5/25/16: Intake Interview with The Adoption Center in Florida to begin our domestic adoption process.

6/28/16: Home Study interview for domestic adoption addendum

8/8/16: Domestic Home Study Addendum complete

8/8/16: Met potential placement opportunity - "Baby L"

8/12/16: Potential placement with "Baby L" falls through

8/22/16: Received email about "Baby Z" from Brook Hills adoption group

8/22/16 - 8/28/16: Get information and answer questions with "C" 

8/29/16: Dinner with "C" and find out we are chosen to be a family to "Baby Z" - Brighten Storie Morales is arriving soon!

8/30/16: Tell family and friends about Brighten Storie's arrival in just 3 weeks!!

9/13/16: Talk to "Baby Z" birth mother for the first time.

9/20/16: Leave for Texas

9/21/16: Arrive in Texas; Meet birth mother with "C" at the hospital

9/22/16: Brighten Storie Morales born at 6:25 a.m.; Adoption paperwork signed 4:00 p.m.

9/23/16: Brigthen is discharged from the hospital

9/27/16: ICPC paperwork submitted to Texas

9/29/16: ICPC paperwork approved by Texas

9/30/16: ICPC paperwork FedExed to Alabama

10/3/16: ICPC paperwork approved by Alabama - IT'S TIME TO BRING #brightentobham!

10/5/16: Arrive back in Birmingham with our little Brighten!

10/27/16: Interlocutory Decree signed and court date set for finalization

12/28/16: Get paperwork signed and notarized for finalization 

2/7/17: Adoption is finalized in court


Ethiopia Adoption Timeline

12/1/13: Turn in Lifeline Application w/ application fee

12/9/13: Paid Lifeline  Fee #1

12/16/13: Choose between Dove & West Sands - we chose Dove

12/18/13: Officially Accepted into Lifeline's Ethiopia Program

12/19/13: Sent off all preliminary paperwork to Lifeline to begin home study

12/23/13: Announce our adoption and name to friends and family - Judah Saylor

1/7/14: Orientation Interview Call with Case Worker @ LL

2/5/14: Fingerprints at Homewood Police Dept.

2/7/14: In Home Interview for Home Study with Social Worker

2/24/14: Finished reading The Connected Child  

3/4/14: Begin working on writing autobiography for HS

3/7/14-3/8/14: kNOw More Orphans Conference @ Brook Hills

3/31/14: Criminal History Suitability letter arrived 

4/2/14: Jessica turns in autobiography to social worker

4/17/14: Jessica's Autobiography Interview @ LL

5/2/14: Jason turns in autobiography to social worker

5/3/14: Small Group Yard Sale - Raised $1,207 for Judah!!!

5/8/14: Jason's Autobiography Interview @ LL

6/13/14: Education and Parenting Interview w/ social worker

6/25/14: Turned in Pre-Adoption Workbook

7/1/14: Final Home Study Interview

7/2/14: Home study finalized and sent to Dove & I-600A completed

7/3/14: I-600A mailed to U.S. Department of Homeland Security

7/31/14: Fingerprints at Immigration Office

9/10/14: Immigration letter received

9/22/14: Mailed Dossier to Dove Adoptions.
Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversary to US!

9/30/14: FINALLY on the Waiting List - #33

1/14/15: Move to #30 on the Waiting List &
assigned new case worker

2/4/15: Moved to #29 on the Waiting List

2/12/15: Moved to #27 on the Waiting List. 

3/12/15: Moved to #24 on the Waiting List

4/14/15: Moved to #21 on the Waiting List

6/1/15: Moved to #17 on the Waiting List! 18 months in process. 

7/1/15: Moved to #16 on the Waiting List! 

8/7/15: Moved to #14 on the Waiting List!

9/30/15: 1 Year on the Waiting List!

10/1/15: Moved to #12 on the Waiting List! 

11/18/15: News that Dove is closing at the end of 2015

12/16/15: Home Study Update Interview

1/4/16: Start at #81 on West Sands waiting list

3/1/16: Move to #77 on the West Sands waiting list &
resubmitted home study for immigration approval

3/28/16: Submit new dossier to West Sands

7/5/16: Move to #67 on West Sands waiting list

8/1/16: Move to #65 on West Sands waiting list

10/3/16: Move to #61 on West Sands waiting list

11/1/16: Move to #52 on West Sands waiting list

12/1/16: Move to #49 on West Sands waiting list

2/6/17: Update biometric fingerprints

3/1/17: Move to #46 on West Sands waiting list

4/21/17: Ethiopia temporarily suspends all intercountry adoptions.

5/16/17: Dept. of State releases additional announcement about intercountry adoption in Ethiopia

6/6/17: LL informs all waiting list families that WS no longer has capacity to work with waiting list families

6/13/17: We announced to friends and family, publicly, that we will not be able to continue Ethiopia adoption process due to WS not working with waiting list families