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Two Less

It would seem that everything in the world is trying to prevent me from getting this blog post out into the world of cyber space and into the hearts and minds of you, our friends. I began this post three times this morning, and all three times my post was deleted as an unexpected "refresh" occurred. After a few minutes chatting with the help desk of SquareSpace, I ended up downloading Google Chrome, abandoning Safari, and beginning again only to be called away a few minutes later by a barking dog. Because of this, you're welcome to use the words "morning" and "night" interchangeably in the next few paragraphs, as I am finally sitting down to write at 11:27pm, with clothes in the wash and a timer set to switch them over in half an hour. Oh, and my alarm clock is set for 5:00am. I will surely be jacked up on coffee this weekend!